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Broadband Only or Broadband, Phone and TV package?

Buyers Guide: Broadband TV and Telephone Bundles help you cut costs substantially.

You can save yourself a fair bit of money by bundling in a broadband and TV service. So, if you want the benefits of a speedy and reliable broadband package but are also currently paying for a separate TV service, finding a provider that offers both could mean you end up paying less every month.

Who offers broadband and TV bundles?

It’s very easy to see and compare all the different providers who offer broadband and TV bundles using Broadband Bargains independent guide here.  At the moment it’s only the big telecom players who offer bundled TV deals but there’s a fair range on offer from the likes of Virgin Media, Sky and BT, so you shouldn’t find it too hard to track down the one that best suits you.

There are quite a few factors to consider before signing up to bundled service. You need to base your decision on both broadband and TV details so, as well as thinking about options such as broadband speed or contract length, you should also consider what you want from your TV package. Do you just want a simple, no-frills TV selection, or would you prefer something a little fancier such as an HD, or even a 3D service?

Some of the providers also throw in free phone calls to UK landlines or mobiles into the bundle. The details of these offers vary depending on the provider and the package and are sometimes referred to as “triple play” deals.

To make the most of bundle deals it always pays to settle for a package that suits you all round. Don’t be tempted to buy a bundle deal if you’re only going to use half the features.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary according to the length of your contract, your chosen TV options and the speed and data limits of your broadband. As a guide they tend to fall between £14-£40 per month. You should be aware though, some providers require you to pay a set-up fee when you sign up to a package and this can be as much as £45. If your package includes phone calls you may also be obliged to pay a monthly telephone line rental.

When you sign up for a bundled Internet and TV package you sign on the dotted line for all the services. If, for example, you choose a broadband and TV deal but six months down the line find you’re not making much use of your television, you will find it very difficult to break up contract before the agreed term is over. Make sure you are confident you can keep up with the subscription payments for the entire contract length.

Cable TV via Virgin Media

It’s important to remember you will need to have a dedicated Virgin Media cable telephone line installed in your home if you want to make use of a Virgin Media broadband and TV bundle. If you already have a BT line you may want to think about cancelling this rather than forking out for two lots of line rental every month.

Researching the providers

If you’re tempted by the promise of a cheap home broadband and TV bundle but don’t know much about the provider, you should take the time to read up on what others think about their service. Using these public reviews as a basis each offer is given a star rating out of five. By clicking on the ‘reviews’ link under each star you can also take a good look through both the favourable and critical reviews and make your own comparison and decision.

Remember, broadband deals change all the time, so it’s worth checking back here regularly if you’re still undecided. Keep an eye out for red promotional text underneath the product summaries too to be in with a chance of catching the cheapest  money-saving deals.

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